This website was created with the Parc Derwen resident in mind; first and foremost. It is an online hub/bulletin board so to speak. When creating it the vision was this: somewhere that holds information that a resident would be able to easily find what they are after and a place that residents can add their own content at any time.

Of course for this to work out as intended a lot of reliance has been put upon the resident to come up with the said content. The word trivial does not apply as far as parcderwen.com is concerned. Any small bit of information that would benefit a resident is wholly welcomed. Whether it is an upcoming event, recommended local business or some beautiful photographs…we want it all on there.

The Parc Derwen Resident’s page kind of does that already to a degree…but due to the timeline nature of it useful information can be either lost or forgotten. That is where this website comes in. It is an active directory that people can browse for information while at the same time see the latest news and events regarding this thriving new community.

Anything can be added to the layout if a resident asks for it. The core of the website is such that it can be altered at any time with reasonable ease. So please, if you have any requests on how to make it better – let us know.

It is a pleasure to serve this community in any way possible.

This ‘about us’ section would normally end with a thank you from the parcderwen.com team. But that team includes YOU, the resident. So for those that have contributed so far (or plan to in the future) ….. this site thanks you.