It has become apparent that there is a rogue trader operating from a Parc Derwen address called Adam Madge, company director of AK Building and Landscaping LTD and now also a new company called Heritage.

We have learned that there are several clients of his either with unfinished/poor quality standards of work and/or owed money.

If you have been affected by this individual then please use the contact us  form as we are keen to collate as much information as possible about this particular company/individual.

We currently have a list of people that are owed money with varying reasons as to why that is the case. Some through terrible workmanship, others through unfinished work and even money taken with no work carried out at all. 

So we recommend that you DO NOT use this trader at all for any work. 
Further information will be posted here in due course including company details listed on companies house including current director(s) names, also links to Facebook business pages so you can identify the correct company to avoid. 


Link to the company on companies house website CLICK HERE

Both the original Facebook business page and the newer one have now been deactivated due to a spate of reviews slating the company and Adams actions.

Several messages have also been received with people experiencing the same poor workmanship which is becoming a common occurrence and also people paying large amounts of money upfront for no work to be done at all. 

It has also been noted that some people that have used AK building and landscaping LTD are having to pay more qualified traders to come in behind him to make his work safe, costing more to the client. 

UPDATE 24/06/2020

It is now understood that Adam Madge has created a new company name called Heritage that he uses to trade in the Rhondda valleys and surrounding areas. See below for the flyer to watch out for:


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