Persimmon looking to avoid setting up shop in Parc Derwen

Parc Derwen has been without certain facilities for some time, ask any resident new or old.

Whether it’s waiting 5 years plus for high speed internet, or a play area for the kids…even a school big enough to take our kids in! (See BCBC for this last issue) But what has also been missing are local shops, something that has been in the planning since Parc Derwen was just a field.

Persimmon have relented so far, obviously a stalling tactic so that they can make up stories like lack of demand. It’s quite clear that they only care about how much money they can make so will attempt to build more houses on that earmarked land. 

Lack of demand will certainly not be a problem for them, as the PDCA can announce that we have in fact fielded over 50 genuine enquires for retail space on the new development since asking people to contact us on the website. So JUST IMAGINE what the demand would be like if such facilities were already built….or even ADVERTISED! 

They seem to have Fletcher and Morgan doing that job for them. Probably at an absolute bare minimum requirement to meet their conditions.

Do they have someone stimulating demand for their units working from within their company? If so why are all 7 units not taken? One is under offer, I’m willing to bet body parts that it is a large supermarket retailer Persimmon can cash a nice massive cheque from.


-Updates will follow on this page when we hear more.

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