Interested in opening a business on Parc Derwen?

If you are interested in taking on one of the 7 (or so) promised retail units that Persimmon are building then please get in touch with us, the Parc Derwen Community Association.

We will then forward your enquiry on to the relevant people and pursue/gather information on your behalf.

Also, limited information is available here from the surveyors.

Feel free to use the contact us form or leave a message in the comments section below this post.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have any information regarding pricing or availability. We are simply gathering demand and putting it to Persimmon to encourage them to start building the units and make them available.

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5 thoughts on “Interested in opening a business on Parc Derwen?

  1. Hi

    I’d be interested in setting up a subbed shop which offers healthy smoothies/juice bar as well.

    When are these units likely to be ready?

    1. Persimmon have said they won’t consider building the units until there is a demand, which is what we are trying to create.

  2. I’ve emailws them twice regarding a unit with no response.
    I know at least two others who have to with no response.

  3. I would be interested in opening a beauty salon, a home under one roof for all of the beauty treatments required by residents. I have an established business with over 3 years trading .

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