I’m sure that most homeowners on Parc Derwen were sold the dream when sat in the sales office for the first time. How modern and family friendly the estate would be, with wide open spaces and cutting edge facilities that justify the pricing.

Yet we are now about to say farewell to 2017 and what have Persimmon really done on site apart from build houses?

Built a play park

Yes. We have one play park for the kids. A park that original residents had to wait around 4 years for.

More have been promised with Section 106 cash, apparently ready to be built yet there seems to be a stumbling block with Bridgend County Borough Council not wanting to adopt what Persimmon build. While both organisations continue to argue (over £££, let’s face facts) the residents of Parc Derwen suffer.

It’s time for both Persimmon and BCBC to stop discussing and start DELIVERING. I know that there are quite a few well paid roles in both organisations that need justifying but come on.

Shop till you dro….ah never mind

We have recently had feedback from Persimmon about the promised retail units. According to them they will only start building them when there is demand. So have they been advertising these units? Has anyone seen or heard of Persimmon mentioning these units? How big are they? How much will they cost?

I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure that to stimulate demand for something it must be offered in the first place.

The Future looks promising

Now that we have an adept Councillor representing us, things will improve that is for sure. There has been more dialogue with Persimmon than ever before since the May elections. However I do feel it is important everyone that has cause for concern over the lack of facilities to also voice those concerns. Otherwise they will just turn a blind eye to it, just like your snagging list.

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