Fibre Optic update (Parc Derwen)

So Parc Derwen is served by two cabinets (79 and 80)

If you check the openreach website, cabinet 79 is in its final stages of completion. Rumours suggest that high speed connections will be available within the next couple of months for that cabinet.

Cabinet 80 is a different story however, which as at the ‘design’ stage on the website. This suggest high speed connections on this cabinet will be available within 12 months.

Further information will be added here as and when we get it.

UPDATE 25/05/2017 : Cabinet 80 has now moved to ‘Field Survey’ on the Openreach Website.

UPDATE 05/07/2017 : Cabinet 80 has now moved to ‘Build’ on the Openreach Website.

UPDATE 18/09/2017 : Cabinet 79 is now accepting orders

UPDATE 06/01/2018 : See the following article here 

4 thoughts on “Fibre Optic update (Parc Derwen)

  1. is fibre optic really on its way because its taking a long time ,I’ve dumped BT and changed to Vodafone ,still having poor broadband but paying less .

  2. Hi – i’ve just reserved a property in the Parc derwen estate. Right next to the cae hendre marketing suite (address 5a heol straddling). What is the broadband like in this location? Anybody know the download speed? If the broadband is poor i’m thinking it may be a deal breaker for me.

    1. Hello,
      Not sure what the speeds are unfortunately,
      however you can register interest in having fibre optic at your cabinet.
      We have reserved 5C and our cabinet is 162
      I am assuming yours should be the same
      Hope this helps!

  3. Cabinet is full now with only a small amount of people being able to get fibre. Waited all year. Now I’ve been told I’ll have to wait for someone to move do I can get an open slot .
    It’s a complete joke. I feel so wronged by BT .
    Treating us like starving and people throwing us a handful of grain .
    It’s pathetic

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