Persimmon Meeting brief Summary

So the meeting with Persimmon has just finished. Here are some basic points on what was discussed. We will be adding to this in due course so please check back for updates.

MANY THANKS to Cllr Martin Williams for organising the meeting and asking questions on behalf of residents that did not attend.


  • Currently out for enquires, 4-5 companies have expressed an interest. They would not expand on that but Sainsburys local was mentioned first (as if that was a firm interest) and then both Sainsburys and Tesco Express was mentioned afterwards as the type of company that MAY be interested.
  • The shops will be similar to what they have in Broadlands. But they will look like houses and not ‘tin sheds’ like Broadlands. They are aiming for the village style square when they build the shops.


  • No enquiries have been received from any brewery with regard to building a pub on Parc Derwen.

They basically said they will only cater for certain shops and a pub if the companies come forward and express an interest…if they do Persimmon will accomodate them.


Footpaths to be started next month, within 9 months all footpath spanning from west-east will be completed. Not all will have lighting. They are starting from the west first and working their way across. I have the plans here on paper but we don’t have the electronic version yet.

3G Pitch

3G pitch to be ready between 4-5 weeks weather permitting. Other pitches need to settle over the course of 6 months before they will be ready for use.

New Play area

  • No clarity yet from Bridgend Council that they will adopt and maintain the play areas. As a result of this, Persimmon will not commit to a timescale on other play areas until they have confirmation from BCBC.
  • However, Persimmon will appoint a management company to look after the areas if BCBC do not take over responsibility.

Temporary bollards

  • These will remain in place until the Council specify what system they want. Could be raising bollards to allow buses and emergency vehicles through or a camera system that will fine people using the through road as a short cut.

Adoption of all roads in the North

There is one section of road stopping the adoption of all roads to the north of the development.

Red paint for current black cobbled areas

This is due to start again in May, as the temperatures are higher and required for this to be finished.

Road and drains by Trem Gwlad Yr Haf

They have now smoothed off around the raised ironworks. But they did say that they will have them lowered down more (for now), as the road surfacing in that area is some way off yet. (No timescale specified)

Fibre Broadband

They played the dumb card on this one, they wouldn’t give any information on it whatsoever.

Construction traffic during School Hours

They were challenged on this and basically blamed it on contractors sub contracting out. They seemed genuinely concerned it was still happening though and have vowed to chase it up. BUT he did say that he had not received any complaints about it recently for him to act on it (Construction Director).


[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Persimmon Plans 1″] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Persimmon Plans 2″] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Persimmon Plans 3″] [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Persimmon Plans 4″]

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