Give a Gift for Christmas

The purpose of this website is to be the number one source of all that is Parc Derwen and to hopefully find ways to give back to the community.
One idea that we have been thinking of to become our very first event as the newly constructed Parc Derwen Community Association (PDCA) is to create a charitable collection for those who are in desperate need of a good Christmas.

We want to involve the community as much as physically possible and now is your opportunity to have the say in our very first public event to help those in need. We have come up with 2 ideas and we want you to choose the best idea.

Here are the ideas:
1) Those who want to be involved can donate (at a fixed cost or at your own discretion TBC) to a joint fundraising page and this will be donated to a local charity to help bring smiles to people’s faces this Christmas.

2) To have gifts donated by yourselves and set up “Drop off points” within Parc Derwen for these to be collated and sent to the respected charities (Charity TBC).

Please don’t be afraid to vote or have a say in the comments. Also, you can message anyone of the admins and we will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.
We want to make this as successful as possible and potentially shape future Christmases within the community.

Voting closes on 10pm, Friday 25th of November and further communication will be sent out to announce the winner and further plans to implement this amazing opportunity.
Also, we guarantee that 100% of all donations/gifts will be donated and the PDCA will not keep a single penny of donations.

Voting is available via the Facebook Page (Click Here).

Many Thanks


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