Let’s talk about Persimmon

Chances are if you are reading this you are either living on Persimmon-led building site Parc Derwen, have bought a Persimmon home, or you are a prospective buyer.  If you are the latter, please stop now and walk away.

We have all experienced the pre-sale effienciency of large companies. In my case Persimmon were no different. They were fantastic right up to handover day, bar a few bits that I had noticed that they promised to rectify before I signed for the house. They did carry out these repairs to a reasonable standard before I moved in. However I made the mistake of not having a second pair of eyes when checking for faults.

Now nearly two years later the snag list I submitted to them still remains completely ignored.

This is not an isolated case.

The snagging is the least of the worries though. Check out the state of the site that they are responsible for.

  • Temporary speed humps still in place
  • Dangerous raised drains that slice car tyres and catch underneath
  • Unfinished roads in areas they finished building months ago
  • Overgrown areas
  • Lack of promised facilities
  • Zero provision for high speed Broadband until recently
  • Lack of bins
  • Incomplete or missing footpaths that have been promised for months
  • Only one children’s play area
  • No wide open green spaces yet
  • Construction traffic breaking rules left, right and centre
  • Building site debris blowing onto main roads
  • Construction traffic during school hours

This list of course, is not exhaustive. Most residents of Parc Derwen will agree that they have had a problem caused by Persimmon at some point.

The aim of this thread is to add to it for clarity and to let Persimmon know that they can’t get away with it anymore.

We are lucky now that we have a new BCBC Councillor that will fight tooth and nail for us. But we also have to make our voices heard.

It would be great for fellow residents to give me as much information as possible on their experiences and I will add to this thread for all to see. Persimmon homes have had ample chances to resolve their broken promises.

Please use the comment box below, the contact us form, or comment on Facebook to have your say.

School to Parent Text Service

“The school to parent text service went live this afternoon.  A text  was sent to the first mobile number listed for every pupil.  If you have not received a text from the school this afternoon, please let us know in the morning.  If there should be any disruption due to snow or any other emergency closure at any time, we will contact you via text so it is important to check that you are receiving messages from us.


Thank you!

Mrs Morgan”

Mrs Heather Morgan, Headteacher of Coety Primary School


New School Feed now active

This is the direct feed from Coety Primary School. It will serve as an important communication tool between the school and parents/residents. The headteacher of the school is in contact with us on a regular basis and any updates will be posted here such as school events, parent information and notices on school closure. 

This is accessible by all on this website and also duplicated into the Facebook Resident’s Group.


Happy New Year to all from the PDCA

So, 2017 is shaping up to be a massive year for Parc Derwen. While the building continues, the PDCA are busy behind the scenes thinking of ways to improve every aspect of living here and the surrounding area. The events we have come up with so far consist of something that everyone can enjoy. Soon, they will all be announced with the provision of adding many more to the 2017 calendar. We are also looking forward to getting the Neighborhood Watch off the ground. This website will also continue to grow and become more indispensable to current residents and those new to living here.

The PDCA also pledge to support good causes in Bridgend and that will always be the case. We have already raised over £300 for Y Bont in a month. There will be much more of this to come.

As a not for profit organisation we are not going to be conservative when spending to improve our community. Whatever we raise for the PDCA coffers will be put back into the community. Whether it is to pay for an event to happen or for a permanent fixture to be installed…it will benefit us all.

We would like to thank every resident and every trader for their support so far. We want to hear what we can do to make your 2017 even better than we hope it already will be.

So on that note; we would like to wish everyone connected with Parc Derwen a happy and prosperous new year…and an exciting future beyond 2017 living in the community.